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Do you want to be a better man or have a better relationship with your man? Then follow along with Greg Woodhill as he interviews experts and non-experts on masculinity, love and connection. Topics range from cheating & infidelity, to the Me Too movement, porn addiction and happy relationships.

Recent Episodes


15 | Christine Hassler – Technology and Us

Does technology help or hurt your relationships? Does your “smart” phone connect you to others, or does it disconnect you from your natural drives and from the people you love? Obviously, there are a myriad of ways that modern day technology helps our lives but there are also many ways that it makes us feel separate and disconnected from what matters most. In this episode we explore all of the ways that technology has affected us and what we can do about it. Our interview with Christine Hassler (our returning champion!) teaches us: 1) The ways that our technology use disconnects us from the people we care about, 2) How technology affects the natural masculine and feminine drives inside of us, and 3) The ways that we can change our relationship to technology to invite more energy and intimacy into our lives.

Christine Hassler is the best-selling author of three books, most recently Expectation Hangover. For over a decade, as a keynote speaker, retreat facilitator, spiritual psychologist and life coach, and host of the top-rated podcast “Over it and On With It”, she has been teaching and inspiring people around the world. Christine believes once we get out of our own way, we can show up to make the meaningful impact we are here to make. Visit her online at www.christinehassler.com


14 | Danny Parker-Lopes & Brett Hamilton - Stories About My Father

Are there things that you need to say to a loved one but have never "found the right moment"? In this special Father's Day episode, we hear two amazing stories from men who found themselves growing up with absent fathers... One was absent literally, and the other was absent mentally and emotionally. These men share their deep, meaningful, and true-life stories about how their relationships with their fathers affected them and what they chose to do about it. Their stories are real, thought provoking, emotionally moving, and inspiring. They make us think about our own relationships and what we need to say or do in those relationships before it's too late. 


Danny Parker-Lopes is an actor/writer who’s been working on this piece, Pops, his whole life. Literally.  He hopes to complete the one-person show and, eventually, the movie before he dies.

Brett Hamilton is a writer, storyteller, and yogi.  If you connected with his story, he would love to hear from you.  You can reach him at bretthami@gmail.com

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