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Do you want to be a better man or have a better relationship with your man? Then follow along with Greg Woodhill as he interviews experts and non-experts on masculinity, love and connection. Topics range from cheating & infidelity, to the Me Too movement, porn addiction and happy relationships.

Recent Episodes


17 | Jennifer Brown – Diversity and Inclusion

 Do you know how being aware (or unaware) of diversity in our population is affecting your life? Most of the time we go through life without truly being aware of the difficulties that people in diverse groups have in their personal and professional lives, OR we are a member of a diverse group and feel like we are marginalized, unaccounted for, or misunderstood. It is ALL OF OUR responsibilities to make this world more inclusive for all people, especially if we are in positions of privilege or power. In this episode we explore what the challenges are for people in diverse populations as well as what structural changes need to occur to allow everyone to feel welcome and cherished. Our interview with Jennifer Brown teaches us: 1) What it means to be in a diverse group of the population (and what it can feel like!), 2) How leaders must shift their thoughts and actions in order to create a more inclusive environment for diverse members of a workforce, and 3) What inner shifts we all can make in order to bring more empathy and understanding to the world.

Jennifer Brown is a leading diversity and inclusion expert, dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and host of The Will To Change podcast, which uncovers true stories of diversity and inclusion. As the founder, president and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Jennifer’s workplace strategies have been employed by some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits—including Walmart, Microsoft, Starbucks, Toyota Financial Services, T-Mobile, and many others— to help employees bring their full selves to work and feel Welcomed, Valued, Respected and Heard. Her new book is called How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive.


16 | Tim Stein – Trauma and Relationships

Do you know how trauma is affecting your life? Trauma is often misunderstood as exclusively being a life-threatening event that keeps someone in fear of danger for the rest of their lives. While this IS a type of trauma, there are many covert types of trauma that often go unrecognized and untreated in people’s lives. Relational trauma from our childhood can drastically affect how we attach to people as adults, and it can lead to addictions without us realizing why. In this episode we explore the different types of trauma and discuss how we can begin treating them if they are present in our lives. Our interview with Tim Stein teaches us: 1) What trauma is, 2) How we can recognize its effect on our lives, and 3) What steps we can take to begin healing that trauma and learning to have deeper intimacy in our lives.

Tim Stein specializes in sobriety and recovery from sex addiction, betrayed partner healing, and trauma resolution. He facilitates retreats and workshops for addicts, their betrayed partners, and trauma survivors. Tim is a consistent presenter at national conferences. Tim seeks to educate and empower individuals to make the changes necessary for their lives to be well balanced and fulfilling. Tim is a co-founder of Willow Tree Counseling, an outpatient treatment program for sex addicts and betrayed partners. Tim’s book Gifts of Recovery: Daily Meditations for Men and Women in Recovery from Sex Addiction is available on Amazon.

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